• Question: What qualifications do you need to have to become an engineer ?

    Asked by pamelaparker1 to Zoe, Charlie, Danielle, Henry, Nicola on 18 Jun 2014. This question was also asked by estroher03, wuchen.
    • Photo: Danielle Epstein

      Danielle Epstein answered on 18 Jun 2014:

      Good question Pamela. You need to have good GCSE results A*-C in maths, science and english. Then there are two main paths to take- you could do an apprenticeship in a particular type of engineering. This is very practical based- learning on the job and at college. Or you could go on to to do A Levels- definitely in Maths and possibly in a Science as well. From there you would go on to apply for an engineering course at university. Often places are very competitive so you need to try and get above a B in your A Levels.

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    • Photo: Nicola Gale

      Nicola Gale answered on 19 Jun 2014:

      For me I came to engineering by way of a none traditional route having studied History at university in the first instance.

      I did however get my GCSEs at school and A-Levels at college, but in order to be able to student Engineering I did need to improve my maths skills which has been something I have always struggled with due to my dyslexia.

      Once at college I studied for an HNC (Higher National Certificate) in Marine Engineering which is the equivalent of a year at university. While I work I am continuing my engineering education on a part time bases with distance learning based courses.

    • Photo: Zoe George

      Zoe George answered on 23 Jun 2014:

      Hi Pamela,

      I became an engineer though doing a 1 year masters degree in Chemical engineering after my 1st degree in chemistry. Now I am learning about both 🙂 so there are loads of different ways to get into engineering