• Question: what is the best part about your job?

    Asked by amyloom to Charlie, Danielle, Henry, Nicola, Zoe on 16 Jun 2014. This question was also asked by chloelhartwell, estroher03, ellies, hollylogue.
    • Photo: Danielle Epstein

      Danielle Epstein answered on 16 Jun 2014:

      Hi Amy,

      This is a tricky question! It is hard to work out what the best part of the job is because there are so many elements to it which I enjoy. I think the best part for me though is being able to work with so many different people to come up with good ideas. As an engineer you have the skills to work on a project which needs input from many different functions such as the quality department and the operating teams. The best part of the job is working with these people in a team to bring a project to life and see how you made something happen which will make a positive difference.

    • Photo: Charlie Atwell

      Charlie Atwell answered on 16 Jun 2014:

      There are a lot of things I love about my job. Some of the most exciting opportunities I have are getting paid to travel around the world to meet other people in engineering and food and drink production, and to see how things are done differently in other countries.

    • Photo: Nicola Gale

      Nicola Gale answered on 16 Jun 2014:

      The best thing about my job has to be being able to see a project right through from start to finish. From the minute it is handed to me to where I have to draw a plant processing scheme and cost it for the customer right through to hearing about it finally being installed on site and working!

      One of my recent projects which I saw from day one is a grain handling plant in Australia! It’s awesome to know that some of my work is in such a far flung part of the world. It’s just a pity I couldn’t see it being assembled but I still get the feeling of ‘I helped produce that!’ With any successful project.

      I also can’t go without mentioning the people I work with, they also make the job worth while. Talented and funny, they have been great mentors to me especially as I’m the ‘only girl’ in the office!

    • Photo: Zoe George

      Zoe George answered on 17 Jun 2014:

      Hi Amy 🙂

      The best part of the job is working with other food engineers and scientists and sharing all our ideas . I have learnt so much about making and manufacturing different foods. The people in my group work with all different kinds of foods (ice cream, chocolate and mayonnaise) so it has been really great to learn all about this!

      The second thing I have to say is how I don’t just use one subject, like I said in your other question I have a mixture of science, engineering and even psychology. There is a lot of psychology in food tasting which I had no idea about and it is learning these new things that add to the best part of the job.

      Thanks again for your question, keep them coming 🙂