• Question: If I wanted to do chemistry at university what work experience would you recommend?

    Asked by louise81 to Zoe on 17 Jun 2014. This question was also asked by shannon55.
    • Photo: Zoe George

      Zoe George answered on 17 Jun 2014:

      Hi louise,

      Thanks for your question, are you doing your A levels at the moment?

      Well there are loads of places you can go depending on what you enjoy but any lab work is great and really helpful for a chemistry degree. It will also give you a heads up for experiments.

      I found this great website which might help and which you can apply to do some work experience with different companies and have some lab work:


      This is from the royal society of chemistry. There is one that is quite good called the year in industry (YNI) and you can do this for a year before you go to university. It sounds like a long time but it will be VERY helpful to when you want to apply for chemistry and help you to decide what you should do after your degree 🙂

      As another choice you can look into trying work experience in a University lab. Some universities may do this if you are in secondary school but you can always google and email them to find out what is going on. Birmingham University have a really good chemistry and chemical engineering department ( We are University of the year 2014 :D) so you can email in and see what is around.

      Hope that helped 🙂 please feel free to ask more questions if you would like to find out more