• Question: hey there , what foods can help people loose weight ?

    Asked by lauren88 to Henry on 18 Jun 2014.
    • Photo: Henry Porter

      Henry Porter answered on 18 Jun 2014:

      Losing weight is sometimes a stressful process but thankfully there are plenty of strategies out there to make it easier. On the internet you can find all sorts of products which people say can help you lose weight faster. Often no-one has actually checked with research to see whether these products have any effect on weight, so be careful and do your research before spending any money. There are lots of dishonest people out there who do not offer any evidence that their products actually work.

      Coconut oil is worth your attention. It has been shown to reduce hunger and increase metabolism.

      Wikipedia is a good place to start if you are considering a nutritional supplement. Reputable news sources like the BBC can be useful, but even big names in news release inaccurate stories sometimes and you should consider multiple sources before making a decision to buy something.

      If you are feeling brave have a search for your supplement on this website:


      You can find genuine research here. Some things will be too complicated but reviews are often much clearer. You can always look up scientific jargon.