• Question: Do you feel like you're doing something that helps the world when you do your job?

    Asked by estroher03 to Charlie, Danielle, Henry, Nicola, Zoe on 18 Jun 2014.
    • Photo: Danielle Epstein

      Danielle Epstein answered on 18 Jun 2014:

      Definitely… working out ways to make the machines more efficient means less resources are used like water and fuel and less damaging waste is created.

      Engineers have great potential to help the world!

    • Photo: Zoe George

      Zoe George answered on 18 Jun 2014:

      Yes I really do because I am helping people to become a bit more healthier with their food choices and hopefully people can still enjoy their food and not have as many health problems or any at all 🙂

      The science I am working on could potentially be used for all different kinds of foods all around the world which is really exciting 😀

    • Photo: Nicola Gale

      Nicola Gale answered on 19 Jun 2014:

      Until your question that wasn’t something I really thought about. But yes in a funny kind of way I do feel it helps.

      Because we sell our machinery across the world I see it as helping people increasing their grain production while reducing their workload. So they can put more grain through the system which the farmer can then sell on which goes into making more finished food products which can feed more hungry people!

      also because our machinery can also carry animal feed we also help there I suppose!